Malt is the main raw material for beer production.

Czech malt is produced from spring malting barley varieties and has very high reputation world-wide.

We deliver following types of malt in packaging of 50 kg or 25 kg / 110 lbs. or 55 lbs. / in polypropylene bags with polythene inset:

  • Pilsner malt
  • Munich = Bavarian malt
  • Caramel light malt
  • Caramel dark malt
  • Colored malt
  • Wheat malt


pilsner malt

Pilsner malt
  - delivers typical malty aroma and gold color
  - color: 3-4 EBC, extract dry matter: 80-83%, proteins: 9-11,5%

munich malt

Munich = Bavarian malt
  - used in production of semi dark, dark and special beers
  - color: 8-18 EBC, extract dry matter: 79-82%, proteins: 10-11,5%

caramel malt

Caramel malt
  - delivers typical caramel taste, used mainly in production of dark beers, produced as light caramel and dark caramel
  - color: 90-170 EBC, extract dry matter: 75-79%, proteins: 10-11,5%

colored malt

Colored malt
  - delivers distinct roasted aroma, used for dark and special beers
  - color: 800-1400 EBC, extract dry matter: min.72%, proteins: 10-11,5%

wheat malt

Wheat malt
  - used in production of wheat and top-fermented beers
  - color: 3-5 EBC, extract dry matter: 79-82%

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